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It is best to include this defense in the manuscript. During data collection and analysis – Take notes on everything you do.If you don’t, I guarantee you will forget important things that you have done (filenames, variable names and definitions, sources, dropping/modifying variables) 2. 200 pages is probably sufficient in most cases for a quantitative dissertation (140 60).

A reverse outline is usually used to check your work.

It lets you strip down your paper into the main points you’re trying to make, and gives you a pared down look at the paper’s structure.

In any case, don’t try to set the departmental record for length. Skim other dissertations recommended by your advisor.

Stay in touch with your committee and especially your advisor.

If you have consulted your advisor and committee along the way, the defense will be easy. Submission deadlines come quickly and there is generally a lot of minor editing and polishing to do before it is in an acceptable format for the university.

You’re probably familiar with using an outline to help plan your thesis or dissertation, but what about a reverse outline?

An appendix is a good place to present the results of alternate tests. Weaknesses: (a) no spin-off article ready until the last stages are completed, (b) the model may bomb and then you are left w/o any interesting results!!!!

If your dissertation is formal, a mathematical proof appendix is often expected. "Dissertation from Scratch" - - topic is decided relatively late (third year), and most all of the work is subsequently completed. At this point you can’t change the topic because you have too much invested. Expansion of lit review and theory sections to use as prospectus 4. Remainder of article expanded to reflect expander scope of analysis 1.

Our editors are well-versed in writing and organizational techniques, and can walk you through a reverse outline during a scheduled consultation session.

Sometimes a reverse outline is done by a client after an editing session, and then a consultation is scheduled with the editor.


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