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As such the two issues of plagiarism and copyright are separate.Also like Johns Mom states in many cases the contract (if buying from a company) does not necessarily transfer the rights to the work from writer to customer, there is no automatic transfer, it is the terms of the contract which will define who is the owner. The lawyer is the one who patches up, notarizes and help process the patent document. So long as you make someone else write something which you ought to be writing, it's just the same as making someone write an essay for you.So there are students who should not be "allowed" to study under normal circumstances, but since academia is a business as any other then whoever has money to study can study (despite their intellectual talents or lack thereof).

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It is this reason that many native English speakers are found looking for writers who can write for them, only because their talent lies in another area than to disparage, and just for the sake of clarity, I think Meo means that "making" students write term papers outside of their area of expertise is ineffective.getting someone to do something requires an infinitive, and doesn't convey the correct meaning.causatives are difficult, Meo; keep said, written communication is an effective skill to have, no matter what your major.

I'd like to hire someone credible, but this site does not make that particularly easy.

I hate it when students get caught by their professor, and come back for a revision. However, since overseas students are a lucrative source of tuition fees compared to domestic students few questions are ever asked in many cases in UK institutions.

You're right here; however, this is also important to note that getting students write term papers (regardless of their aptitude) also does not work.

The student can also pick up on any formatting issues, as in most cases the students have an idea what the professor wants in that regard, even if they aren't familiar with the course content.

And finally, they can make sure the content is what they wanted, as I am willing to do on rewrite if it's needed.

That is the only way to "dispel" and possible doubts the professor may have about the student's ability to write.

Then again, they need to be able to participate in class as well.

Do you think the students' professors know that some of their essays are purchased "model" essays? In the case of an all-original paper, I would think the only way to "catch" a student would be by asking the student questions about the paper, but would that yield enough proof? However, in a few instances I have found some being questioned about the elegant language used in the paper.

I have noted that a good number of professors ask that foreign students get their work proofread by native speakers because in most cases the research is not testing their language skills.


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