Ocr Ict Coursework Task 6

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Again, OCR have repeatedly said they can't stop anyone doing this and it is in writing on their Facebook site.In that case, I would like to kindly ask if we can please collaborate? I'm just used to making my own apps with a basic framework like j Query, we've been taught entirely in Python.Obviously not the real assessment, I know that OCR has sample tasks and if you can find any others it will be much appreciated. Do you know if it's marked by the teacher or by the exam board?This question of working outside of NEA classes has been covered and clarified many times there. photographed and the actual paper has to stay in the classroom.Students should join the site and see for themselves. But you @@@@@[email protected]@@@@ allowed to memorise the task and then copy them down outside the classroom, post them e.g.My first CS teacher would give us lecture-style lessons, he would just read from the powerpoint and make us note down from each slide (which I was totally fine with), and my second CS teacher didn't even teach us.She just made us go on codeacademy, and sometimes gave us sheets to do in a document (which were dead easy! I have a feeling that our third 'CS' teacher is going to be even worse -_- Half of my class is straight up stupid.I have to say that the teaching at my class is pretty bad and all that the teacher taught us were statements, loops and iteration...I'm quite worried as I am one of the top students in my class (not much to brag about since I'm not even certain of the specification content itself! My teacher, before leaving (gg), said that we will get the specification, which I wasn't even told the number of, and according to OCR we will be provided with the mark scheme, so I guess the trick is setting out the project itself, using the mark scheme. You will be given a "simple" task so you do not need frameworks at all. No, but your documentation should look appealing so the examiners have an easier time marking it. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote the original post, I'll make it in Python or C# with no frameworks.When your NEA work is marked, you can ask the school for an appeal.The school cannot refuse you because it is the rules and someone outside the school has to do the appeal.


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