Ocr Gcse Product Design Coursework

The creative process in which pupils are engaged is interactive, but involves a series of identifiable activities including: D&T is an important subject in that it makes a distinctive contribution to the curriculum.

It teaches important skills not covered in other subject areas and offers the opportunity for a wide range of teaching and learning styles enabling students to achieve, learn and value their schooling.

Students are set a number of interim deadlines during this time and are provided with support materials and assessment information to enable them to maximise their marks.

In the second year, students focus on their “Iterative Design Project” for their final coursework (Non-examined Assessment).

D NEA is 'Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle' and I'm really pissed about how vague it is and the fact that they don't just give us a clearer direction for our coursework.

I've heard other schools are being given choice between topics and previous years in my school have had simple areas, such as gardening or lighting.Students are required to plan and cook a nutritious two course meal using basic ingredients. This exciting new course will prepare students to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world.This course can also be used to develop skills that will show aptitude for employment in non related career paths. The course is assessed in two parts: Both the coursework and the examination will cover modern developments including sustainability and awareness of new technologies.There is also an emphasis upon creativity and innovation so students have the opportunity to design and make outcomes using a wide range of materials and processes.This course is about developing designing and making skills and an understanding of how products have evolved through the development of smart materials and changes in manufacturing and production techniques.You will also develop more personal skills that will be useful to you in all aspects of life such as problem solving, research techniques and project planning.Students will gain awareness and learn from wider influences on Design and Technology including historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors.Students will get the opportunity to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise. Design & Technology is suitable for students with an interest in both traditional and computer aided design.It requires learners to undertake a substantial design, make and evaluate project centred on the iterative design process of explore, create and evaluate.Learners identify a design opportunity or problem from a context of their own choice, and create a portfolio of evidence in real time though the project to demonstrate their competence.


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