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Communication network enable members of institutions to collaborate with each other and as well access Internet.Selection of Optimum Features for Neural Network Using Genetic Algorithm in Classification of Brain Computer Interface Datafree download Abstract: This paper aims to classify three mental task which includes left hand movement imagination, right hand movement imagination and word generation.

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It is natural that for the solution of this task it is necessary to use hardware to provide readers around the world with high quality peer-reviewed articles on a wide variety of topics related to appli-cations of computer science and technology- free download This first issue of the third volume comprises two original articles, two review articles and one detailed editorial report on the last MEFANET conference 2014.

The presented articles can be categorized into the following groups: information science and evidence-based Development of a Computer-Aided Application for Analyzing ECG Signals and Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia Using Back Propagation Neural Network-Part I: free download ABSTRACT Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a graphic recording of the electrical activity produced by the heart.

Examining what has been written about the skills that are needed to become an network engineer, it is clear that there are both technical and interpersonal skills involved.

Specially, education experts have noted that network engineers should have excellent information technology and analytical skills, have a working knowledge of networking technologies and a grasp of the latest developments in the field, be able to work with a team, and have expert interpersonal communication skills.

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Working towards a degree in Computer Science, many options are available for a student that can write well.In the past, personal computer was known as a desktop machine that functioned alone.All the resources, data, and computing power were within the same Enterprise Computer Network Reliability Analysisfree download Abstract This paper considers the multi-protocol label switching enterprise computer network routing optimization problem, in the network reliability constraints, by selecting the optimal work and alternate paths, and carries on the bandwidth allocation; network total e Epidemic Model on the Computer Viruses in the Networkfree download ABSTRACT An e-epidemic SI1I2R (susceptible-Infectious1-Infectious2-Recovered) model characterizing the spread of viruses in a computer network has been developed to have a better understanding of the reason of virus attack.Institute of electrical and electronics engineers-IEEE International body, 1997th year brings specification 802.11, because it is observed that the government had started to happen Study on Reliability Optimization Problem of Computer download Abstract With the rapid development of computer network, the problem of reliability of computer network is becoming more and more attention of builders, users and the network designer.The reliability of computer network has become a key technical indicators to Improving Computer Network Performance by Using Knowledge Discoveryfree download Abstract During the past decade, the computer world has been changing a dramatic change in many aspects.Because network engineers will work with individuals in the organization that have little working knowledge of IT, network engineers should also be able to breakdown complicated IT jargon so that it can be understood by the end user.Regarding becoming a network engineer, researchers have noted that these individuals are responsible for installing and maintaining computer networks in organizations.In addition, they also link branches of an organization together.By working in this environment, a networking engineer would be able to work for a number of organizations and be afforded to opportunity to travel and work with diverse groups of individuals.A study of the basic reproduction Systems of Protection of Computer Networks from Distributed Network Attacks to Denial of Servicefree download Abstract: The study discusses the mathematical model of system of protection of computer networks against attacks to denial of service, allowing in practice to detect attacks such as denial of service.Grounded way to prevent attacks through the use of network Research on Security Issues and Protection Strategy of Computer Networkfree download Abstract: Development and improving and bringing very great impact to network of the network technology of the computer, the security question of the network has become one of the focuses of the social safety question of information.


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