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In other words, it can be said that the rise of political consciousness among the Mizo in the 1950s and 60’s contributed for the independence movement. Having learned something from human rights movement in some western countries, leaders of Mizo National Front accused the Indian Government of doing injustice upon the Mizo in the form of illegal persecution, torturing, manhandling and murder, etc.They alleged the Indian Government of doing some measures of religious, cultural and economic assimilation of the Mizo as well.

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Winter season has its own charm but sometimes, it becomes very oppressive and brings a lot of suffering for the poor people who cannot afford to buy woollen clothes. The mercury registered a steep fall and the temperature touched the freezing point Everybody shivered with cold.

Winter season usually lasts from November to January but December and January are very cold months. The roads were deserted and people were wrapped in heavy woollen clothes.

The poor tried to fight cold by burning fires here and there and clustering around them. They were sitting in snug, warm rooms enjoying several steaming hot dishes.

It was so intensely cold that some old poor people were frozen to death. For the poor it brought untold hardships and misery. Many offices had thin attendance as the clerks took casual leave on a mass scale to stay at home.

Most remarkably, they blamed the Indian Government for ruling Mizoram very much against the consent of the Mizo which in their opinion is very much in contravention of the law of nature/human rights.

To regain these rights, fighting of Mizo independence from India became imminent to them.The insurgency (Independence movement as called by the Mizo National Front) which lasted for two decades long period of years and the counter insurgency measures taken by the Indian government brought untold misery and sufferings for thousands and thousands of the people of Mizoram.However, there is lack of studies on the matter and is still a matter of great challenge for scholars, writers till today.Though MNF party not specifically mention goal of Mizoram independence as party aims and objective, it emphasized on – It is obvious from the above points that leader of MNF party was much influenced by the Human Rights concepts as well as the movement in the western societies.Inefficiency of the Assam Government and Mizo District Council to handle famine hardship.They (The Indian Government) have instituted Government to rule over us in our own country without any respect for human rights and dignity even in the face of the present candid world, which is committed to these rights and dignity. They have been following a policy of exploitative measures in their attempt to wipe out Christianity, our sole religion and no consideration has ever been paid to our national way of life. They have been preaching through the world as if they have instituted a separate administrative machinery in conformity with the principles of democracy to conceal their degeneration of our national morality and of assimilation while had been instituted for us is a pattern of colonial administration. They refuse to not only procure supply food and arrange other form of assistance in times of famine, but also prohibited us from seeking and receiving assistance from friendly countries, which resulted in the death of many people. They have instituted a multitude of officers, who lead an immoral life, cruelly appeasing to our womenfolk to commit immorality with them by taking advantages of their official capacity and of the position they occupy in the administrative machinery. Taking advantage of economic frustration of the people, they subject us to economic slavery and force us to enter into the door of poverty. Curbing freedom of expression, our patriot are arrested and kept in jails without displaying any form of justice. The export facilities, which we used to enjoy during the pre-Indian domination, have been totally closed. Without exploring our country’s economic resources in agriculture, industries and mining and giving no consideration for their development, they maintain suppressive measures against our economic rights. Realizing the importance of our country to India in its defence strategy, the Government of India is establishing military base throughout our country and thereby creating an atmosphere of cold war while nothing is done for its economic and social development. In spite of our repeated appeals for peaceful settlement of our rightful and legitimate demand for full self-determination, the Government of India is bringing exploitative suppressive measures employing their military might and waging war against us as done in the case of the Nagas and the Kashmiris. Owing to absence of medical facilities in our country, our people died without having medical facilities and attention.In the text of Declaration of Independence, it was expressly mentioned the concern of human rights thus, They (Indian Government) have instituted Government to rule over us in our own country without any respect for human rights and dignity even in the face of the present candid world, which is committed to these rights and dignity.Calling the Government of India unworthy and unfit to rule over Mizoram, as many as 50 party leaderships of MNF made vehement appeal to the Indian Government for independence thus finally declared Mizoram Independence.In the Independence Declaration, they explicitly highlighted certain points of criticism of the Indian Government as follows, 1.Young boys and girls would not move out of their beds and sat wrapped in their warm quilts. The work in factories was also paralyse because the poor labourers could not come out of their hats in their scanty clothes.They thought it would be wise to stay at home and starve than to go out on the that freezing day. They tried to keep themselves warm by sitting beside the cow dung15 fires.


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