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Nor is he even mindful of fighting for his country. To stay alive, he must kill the enemy, destroy the enemy.The longer the war persists, the more likely he will not go home alive.

Nor is he even mindful of fighting for his country. To stay alive, he must kill the enemy, destroy the enemy.

The truth is probably somewhere in between, which may explain why society can't quite decide how to react to pacifism and pacifist critiques of society's violence.

Killing Innocent People is Wrong One of the most common antiwar arguments is the fact that wars result in the deaths of innocent people and, therefore, war is necessarily immoral.

Quite often the reasons for this position are religious in nature, but religious premises involving God or souls are not absolutely required.

Modern War & "Just War" Standards There is a long-standing tradition in Western culture of differentiating between "just" and "unjust" wars.

Although Just War theories were developed primarily by Catholic theologians and most explicit references to a Just War theory today tend to come from Catholic sources, implicit references to it can be found widely because of the way in which it has become incorporated into Western political thought.

Those using this argument try to make the case that today, all wars are unethical.There are few wars so popular that everyone in a society supports it; thus, even when support is unusually widespread, there will always be a few who dissent from popular opinion and object to their country engaging in war, arguing that the conflict is immoral and unethical.Quite often, they are attacked for their stand and accused of being unpatriotic, immoral, naive, and even treasonous.He is free and safe to talk of ethics and proper war etiquette.The soldier, immersed in battle, fighting for his life, can think of only one thing. When bullets are flying past his face and mortar shells are exploding all around him, he is not mindful of fighting ethically.Although some might agree with the "unpatriotic" label and claim that patriotism is a misplaced loyalty, that is relatively rare.Instead, those who oppose either war generally or some specific war will instead argue that it is the support of war which is immoral, naive, or even a betrayal of their nation's deepest and most important values.Wars Cannot Achieve Political & Social Goals Because so many wars are defended by relying upon the need to achieve important political or social goals (some selfish and some altruistic), it is only natural that one important rebuttal to war is to argue that even if it seems that such goals might be achieved, in fact the use of war will ultimately prevent them from ever becoming a reality.Thus, wars are unethical because they hinder rather than help in attaining important ends.“The employment of organized violence means one must, in fact, abandon fixed and established values”.(Chris Hedges, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning) It is clear that the way in which the United States approached the war in Iraq was in fact due to, in some regard, the dropping of the atomic bombs in Japan, and the ensuing debate that it created thereafter.


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