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Though we were all warned about how hard the program would be, we were all at the top of our classes and refused to believe it- after all, who did they think we were?The frst day we sat together in a small auditorium, unaware of each other and of what lay ahead.To write an exceptional MIT application essay prompt you need to identify the institutional need plus the hook line.

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“Raising the Bar” Anonymous THIS PAST SUMMER I HAD THE opportunity to participate in a highly rigorous academic program at MIT called MITES, Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science.

For six and a half weeks I lived with 68 other rising seniors and college undergrads.

The author could have spent less time listing the classes she took, especially if she could list this elsewhere in the application.

What is more compelling than any course title is her observation that “the work was so intense that when [she] entered school in the fall [she] enrolled in second year Calculus, and maintained the only A in AP Physics, having no physics experience prior to MITES.” This demonstrates the extent to which her learning was accelerated because of the MITES experience.

When describing an event with a scope that is quite broad—in this case, six weeks long—it is always helpful to hone in on a few highlights. This essay might be stronger had the author explained more about the robot construction, since this is an unusual activity that piques the reader’s curiosity.

As a major project, the robot may have merited more space in the essay.

We were told that our confdence would be shattered, our minds blown away, and our lives changed forever. By the second week of MITES valedictorians, nerds, bookworms, and techies alike were leaning on each other’s shoulders at two in the morning crying over problem sets they had imagined only in nightmares.

It is a well known fact that hard times bring friends closer together, but I would have never expected for these strangers to become my best friends, my support system, or even my family.

The program is the single most pivotal point in my academic endeavors to date.

The assistants we had had all gone through the program and agreed that even in college at Harvard, MIT, Caltech, and Princeton, nothing came close.


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