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Since the nature of means influences expected ends, it implies that feelings are influenced at the initial stage of determining what has to be done.In certain incidences, it is meaningful to perceive categorical imperatives as the right ends needed by individuals.This implies that an end is a means to itself based on the desire of the concept.In this case, he outlined that are standards that are fundamentally acceptable since they are appropriate as per their structure and applications (Green, 1994).Hence, people must follow and adhere to these standards if they want to observe moral law and act in accordance to the expectations in this regard.In the effort to determine the relationship that exists between morality and reason, Mill describes the need for happiness as a driving force that motivates people to gain knowledge.This implies that as people search for knowledge, they learn what makes them happy by adopting impartiality.Positions of the Philosophers According to Emmanuel Kant, the nature of morality depends on the ability to perceive common knowledge of morality as a philosophical knowledge.In this case, it is essential to adopt the practical reasoning to comprehend this concept of morality clearly.This implies that categorical imperatives are the root cause of moral judgment and they form a measure by which any other form of moral status can be assessed in the society. Thus, a human being can seek to attain justified ends by using appropriate means in various undertakings.In this case, ends associated with physical needs provide the basic form of theorized importance.


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