Metacognition Essay

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Metacognition is simply described as thinking about thinking (Kearsley, 1994).

It is more complexly defined as one¡s ¡§knowledge of their own learning and cognitive processes and their consequent regulation of those processes to enhance learning and memory¡ (Ormrod, 1999, p.319).

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I thought all I would be doing was writing essays, indeed there was allot of essay writing, but there were many other key skills that I learned.

Which included critical reading, collaboration with my peers to achieve a common goal, and understanding the connection between British history and literature.Another key skill that I improved during British literature and composition was collaborating with a group of peers to achieve a common goal.I considered myself an active participant in all of the group projects that I was a part of. They can realize that it is highly unlikely to learn everything in a 200 page reading assignment in one night (Ormrod, 1999, p.320).If they know that they can memorize definitions easily then they can focus less time on that then something they have difficulty with.One very important skill that I learned during the class was critical reading, thinking, and writing.Before I started British literature and composition I had limited critical reading, thinking, and writing skills.The class text talks about six skills or knowledge that is involved.They are: ƒÊ Being aware of what one¡s own learning and memory capabilities are and of what learning tasks can be accomplished ƒÊ Knowing which learning strategies are effective and which are not ƒÊ Planning an approach to a learning task that is likely to be successful ƒÊ Using effective learning strategies ƒÊ Monitoring one¡s present knowledge state ƒÊ Knowing effective strategies for retrieval of previously stored information Aware of Learning and Memory Capabilities Someone can learn better when they are aware of their learning and memory capabilities and the tasks that can realistically be accomplished.Knowing Which Learning Strategies are Effective It saves time when someone knows which learning strategies are effective and which are not.This will make studying more effective and less time consuming.


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