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(Check out his piece A Million Whys online to see how it’s working.)In the field of cognitive research, the mind-body connections between music and mathematics have fuelled continuing debate surrounding the so-called “Mozart Effect,” which was first popularized in the early 1990s.

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I learned group theory by solving Rubik's cubes and I learned Java by programming the AI for battling digital robots.

Then I joined the robotics team and applied the same class structures I had designed for virtual robots to the real machines.

In middle school, my interests expanded from this foundation: I caught what Feynman referred to as the "computer disease" - an irresistible urge to play with programming.

Leaping out of bed and coding up algorithms - writing an RSA encryptor or an anagram solver to beat a game - felt just like constructing robots, except in software you never run out of pieces.

From the rich complexity of the Bach fugues to the catchy songs of the Beatles, music and mathematics overlap in all kinds of interesting ways.

Beyond the basic uses of mathematics in music theory and notation (such as chords, time signatures, or dotted half-notes representing a count of three), music has also been the source of research in many areas of mathematics such as abstract algebra, set theory and number theory.Hint: it’s more than George Harrison’s 12-string guitar.Brown is now using his sound-wave analysis of Beatles music as inspiration for new songs.Would you believe that research has shown that certain pieces of music end up being more popular and mainstream due to their ‘mathematical’ structure?For example, Pachelbel’s Canon in D — sure to be a top choice for brides again this summer — is said to reach the masses because of its repetitive structure, a trend very apparent in music today.On the other end of the line, my 8-year-old self also collapsed in laughter.That was the moment when my love for robotics and engineering became irrevocable.I want to see what talents, passions, and ideas they bring to the table (or workstation), and join with the school's interconnected community of active thinkers as we expand our knowledge together.I want to have fun creating our most in-depth and fascinating projects yet.Links to a few choice essays on mathematics, teaching math, and the philosophy of math can be found below.If you are interested in these and other writers, check out our Math News and Media page.


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