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Generally speaking, a deductive approach is often associated with quantitative research whereas an inductive approach is often linked to qualitative research.The third layer of the research onion is concerned with how a researcher plans to collect data for the Ph D thesis or dissertation in question.Lecturers would be more than happy to assist you further.

In order to understand it better, let us look at positivism, critical realism and interpretivism (the three philosophical stances that are often linked to Epistemology).

Ontology – This branch of metaphysics (philosophy related to the overall nature of what things are) is concerned with the study of reality or things that exhibit reality. Physical objects, minds, events, properties, values and abstract entities such as numbers and sets could all be said to be representing the ontology (or inventory) of the world.

Note: Certain requirements for current thesis students have changed since earlier theses were completed.

(Religion) theses of some of our graduates to date.

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If you are using both methods, you would further need to decide whether both methods would weigh equally or one would dominate the other in your research.

Quantitative research relates to numbers, measurements and quantity whereas Qualitative research is concerned with rich data including opinions, description and personal accounts.

Let us glance through some of the research strategies in section below: The fourth layer of the research onion is concerned with qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

You would need to make a decision as to whether you would choose the former or the latter or both for your Ph D thesis or dissertation.


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