Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Essay Questions

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So kick back, relax, get a nice cup of coffee (or a strawberry acai refresher if you're like me), and get cracking on those essays!

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WISE is a 3 day all-expense paid visit to MIT for high school students. I decided to apply Early Action to MIT because of WISE.

During WISE, students have the opportunity to attend classes, meet professors, visit labs, participate in hands- on activities, attend workshops, and stay with a current MIT student. Before WISE, I didn’t know much about MIT and was not planning on applying. I found that I loved being around the other people in the program and the teachers and current students.

This benefits students by reducing the number of applications to be completed at one time and by providing results early.

Most colleges that participate in early admission request applications by October 15th or November 1st and return results by December 15th.

Start your Common App and UC essays during the summer.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Essay Questions

Although the Common App is not available until August, in spring or early summer you can find the essay question(s) posted on the internet.MIT had six essay questions and, for a few, I found that I could reuse bits and pieces of the common app essay.Another challenge was preparing for and doing the interview.Every senior around the country is feeling the same way.We're all in this together and hopefully this forum will make it seem this way.The students and teachers were all excited about what projects or research they were doing.I also felt that MIT is a diverse school with an excellent reputation and an abundance of opportunities, whether I wanted to participate in research as a undergrad, implement a project in a developing country, or study abroad.SMASH helped me consider the types of schools I wanted to apply to (urban, suburban, big, small etc.) and they helped me brainstorm for my personal statement.We worked on personal statements over the summer during my second year in SMASH in the College Success class.What were some of the challenges of applying to an elite school?One challenge was completing the supplemental essays.


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