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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Writing essays and dissertations, at any level of university study, is a tough task.Thus if a student requests feedback it will be possible to give them some.

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This way I can express the points I consider important for a good answer.

I realize this cannot always be accommodated in the schedule of courses and exams.

TAs at my university are contractually limited to at most 20 hours of work per week.

You have 60 exams to grade in one week; that suggests an absolute limit of 20 minutes per exam.

Since each exam has three essays, I would aim to spend at most 5 minutes per essay.

It'll probably take longer at first, especially if you also have to develop a rubric, but you'll get faster as you work through the pile. Also, I strongly recommend grading vertically—grading all of essay #1 before reading anyone's essay #2—instead of horizontally—finishing each student before starting the next.

Generally, students would prefer to have a class taught by a professor who has published and researched in their area and become famous.

Sadly, in order for many professors to keep up with the demands of publishing they will have to cut back on the time they can devote to other areas of their work, and one of these is marking.

Source: Australian system, multiple essay based departments' work cultures amongst permanent members of staff; and multiple rounds of multiple sites of collective contract negotiations with casual employees; as a Trade Unionist and department level administrator with previous pay responsibility.

The answer by Andy W discusses the role of Rubrics, which I think is key to simplify grading.


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