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The decisions made by Macbeth examines and makes the readers want to know whether it was macbeth’s fate or his free will to make the decisions that he does.Fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

He walks out with the daggers still in hand, and babbling to himself.

When Lady Macbeth consoles him in the Shakespeare Company’s stage adaptation, he seems unable to focus on anything, staring blankly ahead.

Macbeth didn’t believe the witches at first, but as soon as the witches disappeared, two messengers from King Duncan meet Macbeth and pronounce him thane of Cawdor.

He began pondering the possibilities, and sent a letter home to Lady Macbeth, who became over ambitious and started plotting to murder the King.

This example is the clearest cut evidence in the play that uncontrolled ambition is a bad thing.

The act goes on, and Lady Macbeth corrupts Macbeth into becoming an overambitious murderer.

Although predictions were made by the witches saying that macbeth would become the thane of cawdor and then the future king, that didn’t stop macbeth from acting.

Now the focus is on whether macbeth ‘’taking matters into his own hands’’ about the predictions of becoming the king and the thane was his fate , or is it possible that macbeth was just following his fate from the start as predicted by the witches.

fate can also be referred to as destiny, which suggests that events are unavoidable and unchangeable (‘’Fate in Macbeth’’).

Whatever happens in life is meant to be and cannot be changed by mankind.


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