Louis Riel Hero Or Traitor Essay

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One reason for this is that, as Ramon Hathorn and Patrick Holland point out in Images of Louis Riel in Canadian Culture (1992), Riels "image is so radically overdetermined, his figure so contradictory" that it inevitably provokes diverse and contradictory interpretations (i).

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None of these charges could be met with execution after statutes were revised in 1867, and it could very well be considered a murder, giving the Dominion justification to hang him for high treason.

Riel poisoned relations between the federal government and the Natives and Metis.

Riels poem "La Mtisse," written a short time later, expresses the national pride felt by Riel and the Mtis after this victory: "Je suis mtisse et je suis orgueilleuse / Dappartenir cette nation," proclaims the speaker of the poem, "Je sais que Dieu de sa main gnreuse / Fait chaque peuple avec attention / Les Mtis sont un petit peuple encore / Mais vous pouvez voir dj leurs destins" (Collected Writings 4: 88).

In a convention held on November 16, 1869, Riel called for equal representation for French- and English-speaking inhabitants of the area, and, less than a month later, on December 8, 1869, he produced a proclamation entitled, "Declaration of the People of Ruperts Land and the North-West," drafted a List of Rights, and formed a provisional government for Manitobaa series of initiatives that provoked opposition from members of the Canadian Party, one of whom, Thomas Scott, was brought before a Mtis court-martial for insubordination on March 3, 1870, and executed by firing squad on March 4.

His generals though otherwise, but Riel was steadfast, and it resulted in his surrender.

I’ve provided two reasons for each belief, and I hope this helps show that he really was a complex, controversial person that doesn’t fit into a concrete category.

This may have garnered their attention, but it was a blow to the relations, especially because after Red River, they approved more rations to the Natives. Similar to the first point, he became increasingly devoted to religion.

He was even accused of prioritizing it over the rights of the Metis, to please God.

In October of 1869, shortly after Riel, recently returned from the East, put a stop to the surveying, a "National Committee of the Mtis of Red River" was established with John Bruce as president and Riel as secretary.

One of the first acts of the National Committee was to draft a letter telling William Mc Dougall, who was travelling to Red River to take up his duties as lieutenant-governor at Fort Garry, that he could not enter Ruperts Land without their permission.


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