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As one person remains fixated on the other's failings, the result is a mental and emotional standoff where everyone sticks to their guns, no problems get solved, and situations appear irreconcilable.

But taking the initiative to show empathy can break the cycle--because when a person feels understood, they are more likely to reciprocate the effort and try harder, too.

Just like how you listen and talk to a person the difference is just you are going to write it down. It's about sharing vulnerabilities and an emotional connection.

To truly practice empathy you have to share your own inner landscape with someone else as they reciprocate But today the a lot from which it was in the past.

To feel and display empathy, it's not necessary to share the same experiences or circumstances as others.

Rather, empathy is an attempt to better understand the other person by getting to know their perspective.And even when we're motivated to show empathy, doing so isn't easy.But learn we must; otherwise, our relationships deteriorate.Husbands and wives who no longer understand each other.The parent who has forgotten what teenage life is like..the teen who can't see how much his parents care.For one thing, it takes time & effort to understand how and why others feel the way they do.Frankly, we aren't willing to invest those resources for too many people.Emotional empathy (also known as affective empathy) is the ability to share the feelings of another person.Some have described it as "your pain in my heart." This type of empathy helps you build emotional connections with others.A twentieth-century borrowing of Ancient Greek ἐμπάθεια (empatheia, literally “passion”) (formed from ἐν (en-, “in, at”) πάθος (pathos, “feeling”)), coined by Edward Bradford Titchener to translate German Einfühlung.The modern Greek word εμπάθεια (empátheia) has an opposite meaning denoting strong negative feelings and prejudice against someone.


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