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How we meet every circumstance, and also how we allow those circumstances to affect us dictates our life.

In Anton Chekhovs The Lady With the Little Dog," we are given a chance to take a look inside two characters not unlike ourselves.

In the exposition of the story, Chekhov immediately delves into his character generation, introducing us to both Anna Sergeevna and Dmitri Gurov, the main players in the story.

He also gives us a physical description of Anna, as well as a beginning presentation of Dmitris character.

Chekhovs ability to define character and produce an effect in the reader is not limited only to the description and action provided in the story.

He expertly weaves location and setting into the development of theme.Setting is essential if the reader is to be given the opportunity to glimpse a truth about the internal life from the characters and the plot (Charters 1008).The story begins in Yalta, obviously in warmer weather, which sets a happy tone for the exposition. Inside it was stuffy, but outside the dust flew in whirls, hats blew off (Chekhov 146).Chekhov immediately offers a feel for how each character will shape up to be, and presents a chance for us (the reader) to attach ourselves to these perhaps not-so-unique individuals.Without further ado, Chekhov expounds on his initial description of Dmitri through the next five paragraphs.There is no turning back at this point, and death may loom ahead.Through the environment the characters live in, we learn what they are going through, and understanding of the characters expand beyond mere words and actions.Of Anna, Chekhov writes, a young woman, not very tall, blond, in a beret, walking along the embankment; behind her ran a white spitz (Chekhov 144).Of Dmitri he comments, Gurov, who had already spent two weeks in Yaltabegan to take an interest in new faces (Chekhov 144).However, as the adulterous relationship continues, the weather become tumultuous, foreshadowing the turmoil that will soon begin inside both Anna and Dmitri.After the lovers commit their adulterous deeds, when they went out, there was not a soul on the embankment, the town with its cypresses looked completely dead (Chekhov 147), indicating the death inside both the lovers.


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