Legal Drinking Age Argumentative Essay

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If a person who is 18 years old is allowed to go to war in the U. What it boils down to is the level of responsibility that is demanded of someone who is wielding an automatic rifle, for example.If someone can be given a gun and told to shoot the enemy, that is a major responsibility.

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At present, the legal drinking age for alcohol in the United States is 21, which is higher than the legal drinking age in many other developed countries (Heather & Stockwell 213).

Advocates who have an argument in support of lowering the drinking age contend that if they have certain rights and responsibilities that seem more “adult" at a younger age—such as fighting for the country, paying taxes, and getting married—they should certainly be allowed to drink.

Thus, the government’s changing the legal drinking age from 21 to a lower age would be the equivalent of endorsing the short-circuiting of the maturation processes that are vital to human development and which pave the way for responsible participation in society.

In short, the research that supports an argument that the drinking age should not be raised should trump general opinion.

This essay will explore the minimum drinking age in the U.

S., and decide whether it should be lowered to people who are 18 years old. America should take note of what other countries are doing in order to decide where to set the legal drinking age in the United States.

That extra information that is being shared with students has gone a long way to ensuring there are not as many vehicle accidents from drunk driving.

Teenagers who are 18 are much more informed than the people who were 18 in generations before them, and this means they are more responsible when it comes to drinking.

Anyone who is tasked with that responsibility is being trusted with the most cherished components of humanity, human life (Karg, n.d.).

This is similar to the type of responsibility with drinking alcohol, however, the likelihood of someone dying after drinking is probably far less likely than someone dying after going to war.


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