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But isn’t it better to adapt your brain so that German word order seems fluid and natural?

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After you’ve completed your research, make an outline of your major points, making sure to incorporate transition words.

There’s nothing clunkier than an essay that doesn’t flow naturally from one point to the next. How exactly do they function to further your argument?

You should look at any new activity as an opportunity to learn and master new vocabulary.

Instead of using the same words that you use in your everyday German speech, use this essay as an opportunity to introduce new words into your German lexicon.

You can use the same structure you’ve always used to write your German essay, leaving you free to focus on grammar and vocabulary.

Notice also the use of phrases such as (on the other hand) is an ideal transition word to show that you’re moving into another section of your essay.

But don’t be daunted by the fact that your essay might include eclectic vocabulary.

Instead, use this as an opportunity for more learning. (the First World War completely changed Germany)Again, like in an English essay, you should use this paragraph to summarize your main point.

Remember when you were in middle school and you had to learn to write a five-paragraph essay? Because now it’s time to learn how to do it all in German. Although essays in many foreign languages are structured differently than in English, German essays are actually quite similar to their English equivalents. )And it’s very important to learn how to write and structure an argument in German if you’re planning to study there someday, or even if you’re simply interested in taking a class at the Goethe Institute or another German-language school at some point.

Remember learning about thesis statements, opening paragraphs, conclusions and proving your point? So read on to discover everything you need to know about writing essays Are you ready to start writing?


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