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At Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP, we have in mind the current high demand for Lawyers in a lot or businesses and this is why we will offer a wide range of legal services with respect to whatever the clients want.This company is one hundred percent client based and those who we serve will find us affordable as they will not have to pay through their nose to have our quality representation and counsel, we will give them all the legal backing needed to achieve their various feats in their different establishments.

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We will hire honourable and excellent hands in our company and use the structure below; MARKET ANALYSIS Ashely Adams Law Firm LLP is a full business law firm and will serve small to big business organizations.

Our target market cuts across people of all walks of life and we have specially design our business for banks, migrants, employees, real estate business people, corporate counsel and entrepreneurs.

PUBLICITY We will place advertisements on electronic and print media, maximize our company website, sponsor shows, leverage on the internet and brand all our official cars.

COST OF STARTING We have done our research and feasibility studies, and going by the reports we gathered, we will need about $200,000 to set up Ashely Adams Law Firm LLP.

Without mincing words, starting a law firm is a very profitable venture.

It is okay to want to own a law firm, however, it is also very expedient that you sit down and draw up a business plan for your business.MISSION STATEMENT In a strictly professional manner, our mission is providing trusted legal services which aid organisations and businesses to operate effectively, having good business background ourselves we also give excellent counsel to clients.BUSINESS STRUCTURE We at Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP, have taken great measures to see that our business structure is very firm and will support the growth of our company.Within the scope of the legal practice, we offer business on; VISION STATEMENT Providing our esteemed clients with skilled legal services efficiently and on time, representing our clients with accountability and honour.We take responsibility for the legal aspect of the business of our clients while they confidently focus on the success of their ventures.This will cover all startup cost from acquiring office facility to additional expenditure, it can also independently sustain the business for the first three months.SOURCE OF CAPITAL The company is going to start as a private business owned by Ashely Adams and he will be the sole financer of the firm.Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for law firm marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for law firms. Lawyers would always be in need by people, companies, schools, and what have you.This isn’t unique to any part of the world, because it is the same phenomenon all over the world.For as long as there are people still living on the face of the earth, there would be rancor and disputes, and the need to have lawyers trash out cases would always arise.It is for this reason that some lawyers have positioned themselves to take advantage of this trend, and have continued to make huge amount of money from the industry.


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