Kindergarten Homework Calendars

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Kindergarten Homework Calendars

The homework is designed to be done with an adult and focused on conversation.

But there's also a letter asking them to bring it back every week if that's more your style.

The letter also asks parents to add nightly reading to their homework tasks because none of the activities should take very long. I also went ahead and offered up your paper, pencils & crayons for families who don't have any.

I love sharing this model with other teachers in hopes of swaying them; however, I do get lots of questions about my homework, so I'd like to answer some of them: What do you do if a student doesn't do homework all year long? I've had students in the past whose homework I never saw, but the student was performing well and making good progress towards kindergarten goals. But there are other students whose homework I don't see for the first part of the year, but I also don't see progress towards kindergarten goals.

For those students, I will talk with parents and make homework required, at least for a period of time.


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