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For our purposes, Christ's handling of Scripture can be divided into three types of usage: references, quotations, and direct affirmations.In His references to Scripture He directly or indirectly lends authority to an event such as Moses' writing of the law or the factual nature of Noah's experiences.We could look at this question from the perspective of each author or each segment of scripture and ask how the Torah views its authoritativeness, and alternately then the Prophets, the Writings, the Gospels, etc., until we put together a comprehensive view on the scripture's attestation of its own authority.

By being baptised it is showing a commitment to the Christian faith it is both a public as well as personal commitment and declaration to show your dedication to your faith.

Baptism signifies a life long covenant between God and the candidate.

We are all born with original sin due to Adam and Eve.

By being baptised as an infant we are brought into the Christian faith and given the opportunity to develop our faith from a very young age.

It enables Christians to share in the death and resurrection of Jesus and to look forward to eternal life.

The Holy Spirit can also be received through prayer and going to church which may become a part of a baptised person’s life.Believers’ baptisms take place when the candidate is an adult; this allows them to make their own choices to do with their religious life.Jesus was baptised as an adult, he stands as an example for all those who wish to receive the believer’s baptism that they can begin their new spiritual journey in Christ.In taking this approach at least one potential objection may be raised against it and it is best to deal with this up front.That objection is the charge of circular reasoning, that is that we are using the Scripture's own testimony to support itself.And because it is a reliable witness we may reasonably conclude that it represents Christ's words faithfully. What is immediately apparent upon reading Jesus' references to Scripture is that He quotes it in a variety of ways referring to the author at times or making general allusions to the past or broadly affirming its character.In all of the manners and ways in which He communicates regarding the Scripture, His high views of it are apparent.Through baptism we should be able to make good and moral decisions.This is because we have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us through our journey of faith.Probably the most fruitful and concise way to examine the Scripture's view of itself is through the words of Christ.As he is God's revelation, God's Word, which has come to us in human form, he has the greatest potential to shed light on the entirety of Scripture.


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