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However, the Pew Research Centre isn’t the only organisation to produce estimates.The Migration Policy Institute says that “the Irish unauthorised population in the US is at most 16,000 people”.In the UK, for example, the most recent credible estimate for the number of “irregular residents” is a decade old, and isn’t particularly exact: researchers said that the number might lie anywhere between 417,000 and 863,000.

These, too, are complicated – put very simply, the demographers used a 2008 survey which did ask some basic questions about immigration status, and mapped the results onto the much bigger American Community Survey.

The Migration Policy Institute doesn’t actually produce an estimate for Irish immigrants specifically, after all that.

Deenihan told Fact Check “that was the figure I was getting from the various [Irish emigrant] centres around North America at that time…

that was the figure too that was coming from the embassies, from Washington – that was the generally agreed figure.

Again, this isn’t a precise figure, and it’s not based on a simple headcount.

The Migration Policy Institute also uses statistical techniques to try to work out which immigrants in the American Community Survey are undocumented (remember, the question isn’t asked directly).

You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. COUNTING UNDOCUMENTED immigrants is difficult by definition.

If you’re living in a country illegally, you don’t always want to broadcast that fact.

These numbers aren’t all that precise: they’re rounded to the nearest 5,000, with a margin of error of about the same amount.

We aren’t able to replicate these calculations, partly because they include adjustments to try to account for people not captured by the American Community Survey.


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