Interview Questions Problem Solving Skills

Interview Questions Problem Solving Skills-66
Hiring managers ask behavioural questions about problem solving to get a better idea of how you work and deal with issues.Ultimately, they will want to know if: -You are someone who can be relied up within the team -You have initiative to act when required rather than someone who will sit and wait until they are asked -You make logical decisions using common sense and the impact that decision will have on others.Outcome: The client was highly impressed with our efforts and customer focused approach which he stated “is at the heart of our business”.

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Perhaps having more than just one plan, or having a plan b.

Resourcefulness: Your ability to use the resources, people and things around you to execute your plan.

I created a questionnaire which detailed the likes, dislikes and suggested improvements by their customers.

This was a lengthy process and we were almost sure that the other IT companies would not have gone to such lengths, but I believed it would prove our determination to supply them with the best product that we could offer.

You know how to ask for things that you need and where to go to look for them.

Analytical thinking: Your ability to lose logic and critical thinking to analyse a situation.

Question: “Tell me about a time you identified a need and went above and beyond the call of duty to get things done.” Here’s an example that shows how the SAO method can be used to answer a problem solving question.

Situation: In my role as a business development executive for an IT company, we were working towards the win of a large food company which was looking for a new customer interface which would allow them to complete all transactions online.

I realised that we would need to be able to prove to our client that their customers would be satisfied with this new platform, so I decided it would be worthwhile trying to understand their customers first as this would demonstrate to our client that we had created a system with their customers interests in mind.

I put together a market research strategy whereby we would gather opinions the competing food and beverage company’s customers.


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