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If successful, the Web server will now return a JSON file that contains all forum posts. HTTP requests are usually not implemented by hand, but rather using one of many different libraries that take care of the intricacies of the HTTP protocol and connection management.In this task, you should create a method that uses the Python Requests library (you'll need to install that from the given URL) for sending the same HTTP request as you created by hand in task 1.3.

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Your task is to create a Python script that reads data from our test API and pushes data to it.

You will see different ways of how this can be done. In this assignment, your first task is to fetch a piece of data from the API using a From the raw HTTP response of the previous exercise, find the values of each of the following parameters.

We have updated our privacy policies and certain website terms of service to provide greater transparency, promote simplification, and align with recent changes in privacy laws applicable to us.

In this assignment you will learn to develop simple distributed applications using Web technologies.

For this task, first look up the exact semantics of a few other methods that are specified in the HTTP protocol: POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS.

Next, use an HTTP POST request to send a new forum post to the API's from the command line.Your website should update itself by re-loading the latest information from the BART API every 30 seconds.The Java Script same-origin policy aims to prevent cross-site request forgery by limiting how resources on different hosts can interact with each other.Please use UTF-8 encoding for your documents and avoid special characters.Submit your zip file to Alexander Jones (content line: "Io T Assignment 1 (your-calnet-login)") by February 5 2015, at pm PST.In this part, you will create a website that uses Java Script to obtain input from a remote source and display this input. Using its API documentation, find the resource that enables you to access BART's real-time departure estimates.Using this resource, create a simple website that loads the real-time departure estimates from the Downtown Berkeley station and displays a countdown (in steps of seconds) until the next train leaves toward Millbrae.Internet is a growing field and it has been so since its advent.It is still in its growth phase and has great potential, which attracts students from all over the world.Knowing this, why is it possible for your website from task 2.1 to load and display data from the BART API?Include your answer as a comment within the HTML markup of your created website.


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