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To create a contract, there are 4 essential elements which are Intention, Offer, Acceptance and Consideration:-Intention It means that there must be an intention to create legal relations between both parties.For identifying the prescribed by the law of contract.

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Dualia ltd v Four Millbank Nominees Ltd [1978] Ch 2319. Poole, Jill 2004, Text Book on Contract Law, New York ; and c) consciousness raising, meaning an exploration of the collective experience of women through a sharing of individual experiences.”[9] These three elements, outlined above by Katherine T.

Bartlett, are designed to act as the source for future feminist legal theory development, particularly in respect of women’s outlook upon law with the intention of improving women’s legal position in the future “development cannot have intent to create legal relations, unless expressively said. Merritt shows that there could be intention if both parties expressively showed it.

While these necessities are not many, they must, however, be met before the agreement creates rights and duties that may be enforceable at law.

These requirements are referred to as the elements of a valid contract and consist of the following.

Mutual intention did not take place when Padavatton [1969] 1 WLR 328 and c.f. Srivastava, DK Lecture Notes: Law of Contract I - Intention to Create Legal Relations (City University of Hong Kong, Semester A 2008-09)6.[1960] .

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Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company [1893] 1 QB 2568.

Families are an institution and they must be kept sacred and not be bothered with the legalities of court proceedings. Since the husband signed the paper that contained the terms of the Jack prior to the ride for taking him to the University for free.

It was no doubt that Jack is doing business in which he drive passenger to their request destination in exchange for a certain sum of money (the taxi fare).

These views are not generally accepted as it is widely agreed that identifying the parties' intentions is essential to the role of the courts when establishing if a contract was made.[13](mf...)It is useful to look at why English law has become so reliant on... In law, the term offer is defined as an undertaking by the offeror that he will be bound in contract by the offer if there is a proper acceptance of it.

The offer cannot be vague or indefinite; it must be precise and express a clear intent to contract. In other words, there must be a offer and acceptance.


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