Important Qualities Of A Good Teacher Essay

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The teacher has to attend to a number of factors while working in the school.

Teaching is the first and foremost duty of the teacher. He must motivate the pupils and use methods and techniques of teaching suitable for particular group of students. He should give regular home work and check it regularly.

Read this article to learn about the qualities, roles and responsibilities of teacher in a school. He is not simply to impart knowledge but also mould the habits, traits and character of pupils.

He is to achieve educational objectives through the curriculum of the school.

At the first place he should plan his teaching work. Activities of the pupils are also to be planned by him.

He should decide how much work is to be done in a particular month and in a particular week. The teacher has to organize a number of activities in the school. He should see that the class-rooms are well-equipped.“The competent, conscientious teacher is the vital spark in education” as many would agree with.As one reflects on one’s own education, one can differentiate between the good teachers and the bad. For some it might have been the candy a teacher handed out, or the kind, patient characteristics that the teacher brought to the classroom.Activities on the part of pupils should be properly stimulated and directed.In order to be a successful teacher, the teacher must plan his work well.(4) Good expression: The teacher must be able to express his thoughts clearly His oral and written expression must be good. His speech, pronunciation and voice must also be impressive.(5) Sense of Humour: In the school, the teacher should have smiling face and a cheerful look while teaching.He has to make seating arrangements, distribute equipment’s and keep it neat and clean. The teacher has to supervise a number of tasks and activities.He has to organize instructional works dividing the syllabus into units, classification of students, construction of time-table and co-curricular activities are also to be organised. He is required to supervise attendance of pupils, their daily work, home work, their work habits and behaviour.Evaluation will point out weakness in teaching and learning process and the teacher can adopt suitable remedial measures.The teacher has to conduct house tests and report the progress of pupils to parents and the headmaster.


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