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Truly it is my belief and opinion, the computer is one of the most incredible inventions of this time period or any other.Importance of Computer Literacy Computer literacy is having up to date knowledge of computers and their capabilities.

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Then, the system unit is a case that holds the electronic mechanisms of the computer that are used to route data.

The system unit is linked to a circuit board called the motherboard.

I see computers taking us places where no man has gone before.

students can receive an education from their own home Taking classes online is an option that a growing number of students are taking advantage of.

In todays world computers are very useful because there is weather forcasting and many other things.

People can forcast weather by this process by computers .

The servers allow connection between other computers by linking it to its network, to allow clients to communicate.

Next, there is the output device, which is any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people such as a printer, monitor, and speakers.

Today’s generation could never ever imagine in their wildest dreams about the world, ages before, when there were no computers or any other technologies.

So much we have advanced that now every information is just a click away and is in your hands 24/7.


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