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He refers to normal science as “puzzle solving” in which the point of ongoing research is to find solutions within the current paradigm.“[E]very problem that normal science sees as a puzzle can be seen, from another viewpoint, as a counterinstance, and thus as a source of crisis,” that is, you could say, a source of cognitive dissonance.

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The same image may mean different things to people from different cultures or societies.

To convey the exact message and get the desired effect, the author must carefully choose his/her audience.

And it would help, as Ulrich does, to mention competing theories that include the importance of ongoing rewards that support commitment, or, as Kuhn says, “fruitfulness” and an ongoing consideration of which “problems are more significant to have solved.” For example, in their separate responses to the CES letter, Daniel Peterson and Neal Rappleye both mentioned Old World evidences for the Book of Mormon that Runnells does not address.

That important omission on Runnells’s part turns out to be a demonstration of dissonance management.

To provide a good example of how visual rhetoric can impact advertising, consider the following image. Not only does it speak to the viewer, it persuades them to think and act in a manner that might be different from how they typically would respond.

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When viewing the advert, ask yourself the following: Remember, visual rhetoric is a part of the communication process.

As the contemporary society becomes increasingly visual, knowing and understanding Visual Rhetoric becomes more significant.

Even if a text is plain and has no illustrations, it still provides a certain visual image to its readers.

Visual rhetoric definition is, in other words, how a person interprets and analyzes the things they see.

Visual rhetoric is seen in a number of different industries, the most prevalent being in politics and in advertising.


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