How To Write Numbers In A Paper

This is also necessary when multiple numbers are involved in a single sentence.

Here are typical examples: If you’re writing numbers in numerals in your academic or official paper, the convention is to only use numerals for numbers starting from 10 and above.

Review and practice them and they’ll soon become second nature, allowing you to spend less time thinking about guidelines and more time thinking about your writing.

When writing numbers in your essay, the general rule is that whole numbers below 10 should always be spelled out.

Here are some typical examples in sentences: If a number is starting a sentence, you should write it in words.

Problem Solving For First Grade - How To Write Numbers In A Paper

Alternatively, you can reconstruct the sentence to avoid starting it with a number, especially if the sentence seems awkward because of the number at its beginning.

We’ll try to address your concerns in future blogs.

Fortunately, these rules are actually fairly straightforward and easy to remember.

But keep them if the dates span different centuries: 1967–69, 1999–2008. Do not use apostrophes for collective dates: 1990s, not 1990’s.

But don’t mix and match: use from 9am to 5pm; or between 9am and 5pm; or 9am–5pm. If spanning dates in the same century, drop the first two digits of the second date.


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