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I would like to know if there is any chance for me to pursue my Ph D under your supervision.Please kindly consider my CV attached to this e-mail for more information. Best, I am writing to inquire about the announced Ph D positions in X, announced on your web page. Currently, I am looking for universities and available positions to resume my education in the direct Ph D program.

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Please find attached my CV along with some highlights of my academic background Dear professor I am a graduate student of Photonics from Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran, Iran) with a background on , highly interested in your research area.

I am eager to join your research group; therefore, I would appreciate if you could provide me any advice on this endeavor, wondering if there is any chance for me to be one of your Ph D students.

Thus, I believe that I’m a good fit for the position, and in response to the announcement, I sent my CV attached to you for your assessment in case the position is not filled.

I would be grateful if you could take a look at the CV and let me know upon your evaluation.

I read [1,2] to know more about your work on observer design in which I’m currently preparing a paper to submit to EJC.

I’ve also read [2] to get a general overview of the battery modeling.

I studied the effect of radiation and nano particles on cancer cells during my thesis.

After graduation I work as a medical physicist in Yazd radiation oncology center, which helped me to learn more about radiotherapy, as well as working in interdisciplinary work environments.

I have also taken many relevant courses, which have helped me to enhance my capabilities.

So, when I visited your research group website, I found that my research interests in line with you.


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