Honors Thesis Political Science

Honors Thesis Political Science-67
Students admitted to the program work on an original research project with an individual faculty advisor on a Political Science topic of their own choosing.

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If you are on campus, you should do this during office hours; if you are abroad, please send an email.

You are advised to choose a faculty member who is familiar with the proposed thesis and who can evaluate your academic background.

The Department of Political Science offers the Honors Thesis Program for qualified majors in their senior year.

Seniors work closely with a small committee of faculty members on a well-defined research project throughout the academic year.

Students who are away from the Medford campus during the second term of the junior year should take steps to submit their applications on time.

The application to write a thesis must include: Before submitting your application, you must consult with this faculty member.”Outstanding undergraduate students may apply in the spring of their Junior Year to participate in the Departmental Honors Program.The centerpiece of the program is the production of a Senior Honors Thesis.Senior Theses Abstracts: 2016-2017 Archives: 2015-2016 | 2014-2015 | 2013-2014 | 2012-2013 | 2011-2012 | 2010-2011 Full text of undergraduate honors theses in Political Science can be viewed at the Tufts Digital Library website. Anderson and Director of the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations Kal Raustiala will speak at the Zócalo Public Square Forum, “Is America Enabling Autocrats to Run the World?"Original research" means that students will propose an original hypothesis and evaluate it, as opposed to standard political science courses in which students' written assignments summarize existing arguments.Most theses contain a statistical analysis component, although this is not required.Class sessions emphasize critical and constructive discussions of students' topics, methods, and problems in research, as well as general consideration of political science research topics and methods of current or continuing interest.Students in 191H are expected to have lined up a theis advisor by the beginning of third week.The senior honors thesis program, then, will consist of PS 198 in fall and another PS 198 in winter, and the completed thesis is due at the end of winter quarter.PS 198 is a contract course with individual faculty advisors.


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  • Senior Honors Program - Department of Political Science

    The award of honors is by vote of the political science faculty. The award of honors will be based on the average of 1 the student's departmental grade point average at the end of the second quarter of the honors seminar 50%, and 2 the point score assigned the honors thesis by the readers 50%.…

  • Honors Program - Curriculum - Department of Political Science.

    The Honors program is of particular benefit to students considering graduate level study in political science. Students who write a thesis will receive credit for one semester of PS 499. The general guidelines for the program are given below. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Diana Schaub, honors director, in Humanities 250M or at ext.…

  • Undergraduate Honors Program - Political Science

    During the senior year honors students must enroll in H182A - Honors Workshop, offered fall quarter only, and 190 - Senior Thesis with their advisor each quarter unit credit for writing thesis. Upon completion of the thesis, students graduate with honors in political science.…

  • Honors Program Department of Political Science Rice.

    The Political Science Honors Program is an opportunity for students to receive departmental honors for maintaining a high GPA and engaging in a significant independent research project related to political science. The honors program consists of students completing an honors thesis and presenting it as part of the Rice Undergraduate Research.…

  • Honors Program Political Science

    The department offers students majoring in political science a senior honors program; the successful completion of which leads to Graduation with Distinction in political science. The central requirement of the program is an honors thesis that the student prepares under faculty supervision.…

  • Honors Program UC Berkeley Political Science

    An honors thesis is a major research paper in which a student explores and analyzes a topic of his/her choosing. Theses vary in length but are generally 50 to 60 pages or longer, depending on the scope of the topic. Approximately 10-15% of Political Science majors complete an honors thesis.…

  • Honors Program Political Science - bu.edu

    Honors Program. The Honors Program in Political Science challenges you to explore politics in three ways first, by taking and excelling in advanced coursework; second, by engaging in original research in order to produce a thesis; and third, by experiencing the practical world of politics and government.…

  • Completing an Honors Thesis in Political Science

    Political Science Honors theses tend to be at least twice as long as a departmental capstone paper. Capstone papers are typically 20-30 pages, so an Honors thesis in Political Science will typically be at least 50-60 pages long. If this sounds overwhelming, think of your thesis as composed of…

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