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Riehm PDF Reconciling Memory: Landscapes, Commemorations, and Enduring Conflicts of the U. Anderson PDF Nationalizing the Dead: The Contested Making of an American Commemorative Tradition from the Civil War to the Great War, Shannon T. Racel PDF The African-American Emigration Movement in Georgia during Reconstruction, Falechiondro Karcheik Sims-Alvarado PDF The Apocalypse will be Televised: Representations of the Cold War on Network Television, 1976-1987, Aubrey Underwood PDF The Nashville Civil Rights Movement: A Study of the Phenomenon of Intentional Leadership Development and its Consequences for Local Movements and the National Civil Rights Movement, Barry Everett Lee PDF "Our Good and Faithful Servant": James Moore Wayne and Georgia Unionism, Joel C.Mc Mahon PDF Removing Reds from the Old Red Scar: Maintaining and Industrial Peace in the East Tennessee Copper Basin from the Great War through the Second World War, William Ronald Simson PDF The Path of Good Citizenship: Race, Nation, and Empire in United States Education, 1882-1924, David Clifton Stratton PDF How a Country Treats its Own Nationals is No Longer a Matter of Exclusive Domestic Concern: A History of the Alien Tort Statute Litigations in the United States for Human Rights Violations Committed in Africa, 1980-2008, Harry Asa'na Akoh PDF Stand Up and Be Counted: The Black Athlete, Black Power and The 1968 Olympic Project for Human Rights, Dexter L.Blackman PDF The Formation and Development of Chinese Communities in Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah, Georgia: From Sojourners to Settlers, 1880-1965, Daniel Aaron Bronstein PDF Demon of the Lost Cause: General William Tecumseh Sherman and the Writing of Civil War History, John Wesley Moody, III PDF From Countrypolitan to Neotraditional: Gender, Race, Class, and Region in Female Country Music, 1980-1989, Dana C.

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(5)19th Century Nordic Art (1)art history (1)Arthurian legends (1)artist studio facilities, Dublin (1)arts administration and management (1)...

PDF The Making of Mañana-Land: The American Mediterranean In The Age Of Jim Crow And The United Fruit Company, Joseph R.

(1)BAKER, NINA KATHERINE (1)Bray, Xavier Immanuel (1)Bustillo, Marta (1)Caffrey, Patrick Anthony (1)Campbell, Myles (1)CAREY, JACQUELINE CHRISTINE (1)Casey, Christine (1)Cochran, Jennifer K.

Trinity College Dublin (29)History of Art and Architecture, Ph.

Moran PDF Creating Community: A History of the East Washington Community in East Point, Georgia, Lisa Shannon PDF “My Zeal for the Real Happiness of Both Great Britain and the Colonies”: The Conflicting Imperial Career of Sir James Wright, Robert G.

Brooking PDF The Atlantic Legacies of Zephaniah Kingsley: Benevolence, Bondage, and Proslavery Fictions in the Age of Emancipation, Mark J.

Floyd PDF American Poly: A History, Christopher Gleason PDF Catalan Modernism in Fin-de-Siècle Spain: Culture and Medicine, Helen M.

Greeson PDF Off the Bloodied Grounds: The Civil War and the Professionalization of American Medicine, Nicolas Georges Hoffmann PDF Boston, New York, and Philadelphia in Global Maritime Trade, 1700-1775, Jeremy Land PDF "We Are Not Hired Help:" The 1968 Statewide Florida Teacher Strike, the Rise of Modern Conservatism, and the Potency of Teacher Power, Jody Noll PDF "They Ought to Wear Petticoats!

Garrison PDF Pentecostalism, Populism, and the Historic Development of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), Ovell Hamilton PDF UPCOUNTRY YEOMANRY IN ANTEBELLUM GEORGIA: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS, Terrence Kersey PDF Complements to Kazi Leaders: Female Activists in Kawaida-Influenced Cultural-Nationalist Organizations, 1965-1987, Kenja Mc Cray PDF The Unknown Nationalists: Indian Migration, Integration, and Involvement in the Creation of the Kenyan Republic, 1895-1970, Catherine Odari PDF Gay New Orleans: A History, Ryan Prechter PDF TRIBUTARY SUBJECTS: AFFECTIVE COLONIALISM, POWER, AND THE PROCESS OF SUBJUGATION IN COLONIAL VIRGINIA, C. 1740, Russell Dylan Ruediger PDF Creating Cultural Connections: A Renaissance in Midtown Between 19, Susan Tindall PDF Race, Culture, and French National Identity: North African, West African, and Antillean Communities in Paris, 1950-1990, Dennise M. Whitney PDF Imagining Home: Tracing the Bond between African Americans and Africa from 1619 to 1936, Darrell W. Kefentse PDF An Eccentric Place of Very High Quality: Ossabaw Island, Georgia as a Context for the Interpretation of Historical, Cultural, and Environmental Change on the Atlantic Coast, Linda O.

Turner PDF Ballroom in the Big Peach: The History of Organized Ballroom Dancing in Atlanta, 1950-1984, Roger Wiblin PDF Regenerating Dixie: Electric Energy and the Making of the Modern South, Casey P. Museums Connect, Public Diplomacy, And Transnational Public History, Richard J. Harker PDF Envisioning Siberia: Siberian Regionalism through Evolution and Revolution, Anthony Johnson PDF "Ours is a Great Work": British Women Medical Missionaries in Twentieth-Century Colonial India, Beth Bullock Spencer PDF Suffrage Is Not The Goal: Medicine, Law, and Radical Thought in the Struggle to Legalize Birth Control, 1870-1930, Lauren Thompson PDF Covering Africa in the Age of Independence: Divergent Voices in U. King PDF Ambiguous Union: Madison, Jefferson and the Principles of '98, 1798-1834, Jeffrey E.


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