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Trying to redeem himself he kills Tybalt in vengeance for Mercutio.

Trying to redeem himself he kills Tybalt in vengeance for Mercutio.

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Themes are the recurrent ideas underlying a creative piece.

These central ideas enable readers to view a certain piece from various angles to broaden their understanding.

A great example of this is how Romeo’s “true love” Rosaline has vowed to remain chaste her whole life. Benvolio then tells Romeo to go to a party that the Capulet’s are hosting. This is what makes almost every event following happen.

This definitely shows how much fate moves the plot along by bringing people Tybalt’s murder forces the Prince to exile Romeo.

Overall, fate bringing people together really effected what happened in Romeo and Juliet.

In those people’s meetings, someone almost always died as a result, even if that death was indirectly caused by that meeting, which brings up a second subject, fates role in death contributing to moving the plot along.

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is about two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, forbidden to be together because of feuding families.

Countless people contribute to Romeo and Juliet’s predestined fate and misadventures.

This ultimately leads to Romeo and Juliet’s suicide. Although Juliet acts rashly, Romeo is more to blame. True, Juliet acts naïve, nonetheless Romeo acts hastily by encouraging the relationship.

Prior to Romeo and Juliet’s encounter, Romeo is in an infatuation with Rosaline.


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