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whether you prefer a structure based on theme, or an alphabetical one, or whether you respond to information presented visually.Learning to write grammatically and use punctuation correctly may help you express yourself clearly and accurately, but it is not the sum total of good English.

However, it’s useful to have an awareness of some of the key points of grammar, which we shall look at very briefly whilst giving you guidance on sources of further help. The verb is the word that indicates action, or doing, and the subject (noun) does the doing: For more on this topic, see the resources below; the University of Ottawa’s Writing Centre is particularly helpful.

The above sentence structure is known as ‘simple’: it contains just one basic idea, about the dog’s hunger.

In order to do this, you need to be familiar with how to construct the basic building blocks of language, which means being able to write a grammatically correct sentence.

You also need to learn how to develop a good, clear style, and use the paragraph effectively.

Shows that material is secondary, less important For references in the Harvard reference system Square parentheses show that words included in a quote were not in the original but have been inserted to make sense. all she [the Board Chair] needed to do was ring the principal and say, [the parent] mentioned to me yesterday..." Grammar is a complex subject and we have only been able to scratch the surface here.

Brands originally functioned to identify and differentiate products (Keller, 1998). You would be well advised to get hold of a decent grammar or guide to English usage, and there is also plenty of help on the Web. As with books, it’s partly down to personal preference, e.g.

Observation can be used as both a quantitative and a qualitative research methodology.

In the case described in this study, observation was mainly used qualitatively as the research was highly exploratory in nature.

A complex sentence is one where one clause is dependent on the other: In actual fact, in academic writing, sentences will tend to be longer, and the complex-compound sentence will be very common. ‘for a walk’ in ‘the dog ate his food and went for a walk’.

Such groups of words, which are grammatically linked but which don’t have verbs, are called phrases.


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