Gouzenko Affair Essay

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Lecture 3 Rebels and Radicals: Canada and the Spanish Civil War Lecturer: Dr.

Patryk Polec What would compel more than 1,500 Canadians to travel to Spain to confront fascist forces when the Spanish Civil War erupted in 1936?

He has also worked as an historical consultant in the public and private sectors, advising on heritage projects and commemoration.

He is the author of Lecture 4 Plunder or Preservation?

A Canadian Abroad: Architecture, Poetry, and Calligraphy (October 15th) 12. Wisdom that Brings Us to Peace and Happiness (October 18th) 14. Following that, Misha completed the Master of Cognitive Science program at Carleton University, focusing on emotional language production in the psychopathic population.

The Mavericks: Comets and Asteroids (October 11th) 11. Lecturer biography: Misha Sokolov received his undergraduate degree from University of Ottawa in Psychology, where his research focused on emotional perception and emotional mimicry in the non-suicidal self injury population.

Lecturer biography: David Walden holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and Political Science and a Master of Arts in Canadian Studies, both from Carleton University.

He has over 30 years’ experience working with UNESCO, culminating in his appointment as Secretary-General of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO in 1999.

Almost none of the volunteers had any personal connection to Spain. In the decades following the war, even as thousands more Canadians were soon fighting fascism in Europe during the Second World War, Canadian Spanish Civil War veterans had difficulty getting recognition at home.

A monument to their memory was finally erected in Ottawa in 2001.


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