Good Conclusion For Drunk Driving Essay

Before person reaches 16, he or she must know how precious life is and how to take full responsibility for his/her actions.If you are drunk and still going to sit behind the wheel – think again! The less harmful, what may happen – you will be stopped by the police and given a ticket. Take care of your life, life of your beloved ones, and just do not harm other drivers and passengers. They say that a woman becomes mother when she gets pregnant, while a man – when the baby is born. When the baby is in her belly, they can communicate, feel each other’s mood, get sick together and so on. Several days ago, surfing the Net, I came across a news item which told a story of a seventeen-year-old guy who had attempted a burglary.

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The death penalty is a very complicated subject to deal with.

For example, California ranks the highest in the country for drunken driving offenses, and for the first offense of drinking and driving.

The offender may receive 48 hours of jail time, depending on the circumstances.

These groups believe just as I, that there needs to be a congruency among all states on tougher penalties such as imprisonment or permanent revocation of license on the first offense of driving under the influence.

There are several states that have less harsh penalties for drunk driving, but yet they rank the highest for drunken driving offenses.


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