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Other engineering majors can consider participating in the dual/double degree program and should contact advisors in both majors to discuss their 4/5 year plans.Students outside of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering may consider attending Technische Universitat Munchen, RWTH Aachen University, or Hochschule Mannheim.James Clark School of Engineering and the Department of Germanic Studies in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. The Engineering and German program is for highly motivated students with strong high school or college grades who are willing to embark on an exciting and challenging endeavor.

TYPICAL ACADEMIC PLAN FOR DUAL-DEGREE PROGRAMMechanical and Electrical Engineering students can consider study abroad in Germany during the Spring semester of their third or fourth year.

ENME and ENEE students should consider the following institutions: Munich University of Applied Sciences [MUAS] Technical University- Berlin Mechanical Engineering students studying abroad in their third year are expected to have completed all 100 and 200 level technical courses and the following 300-level courses prior to studying in Germany: ENME331, ENME350, and ENME392.

Universities particularly favor this component of IB, as it replicates students’ real-life experience on the collegiate level.

Coursework in for International Baccalaureate involves a two-year program that contains six academic areas.

The following list of FHS courses represents the course pathways available within each discipline to meet IB Programme requirements successfully.

Please contact IB Coordinator Jennifer Gabbard with any questions.

TOK challenges students to question assumptions about knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological biases, and to develop a personal mode of thought, using analysis of evidence expressed in rational argument.

A key element in the IB’s educational philosophy, TOK seeks to develop a coherent approach to learning which transcends and unifies the academic subjects and encourages appreciation of other cultural perspectives.

PROGRAM BENEFITSSTUDY ABROAD AND INTERNSHIPSOur German partner institution for the Engineering and German Program is the Hochschule Mannheim-University of Applied Sciences.

Students will spend the fall semester of their fourth year enrolled in coursework at the Hochschule Mannheim.


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