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The book is really the interweaving lives of four men closely connected at different times with the city now called Lviv. He left in September 1914 when the Russians took over the city for a short period from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. By then he was living in Vienna, where he remained for the next 25 years.

It was 1959, and Nancy was with an Indian friend, enjoying a modest picnic.Last year featured the trailer for Sands’s documentary, had its premiere at the Southbank Center, in London, in November 2014, with Sands and Vanessa Redgrave taking the speaking roles, and pianist Guillaume de Chassy and bass-baritone Laurent Naouri providing the classical interludes.(Nouri will be performing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York this autumn.) was performed last November, on the 70th anniversary of the opening day of the Nuremberg trials, in Courtroom 600 of Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice, in the presence of the last living participants from the trial, including Robert Jackson’s bodyguard Moritz Fuchs, and is now traveling internationally.Caught up in the weeks that followed in this act of killing were the families of the other three men.The lives of the three lawyers then converge in the autumn of 1945 in Courtroom 600 at Nuremberg.The prominent British lawyer's new book focuses on four men, including his grandfather, with ties to what is now the Polish city of Lwów.Two of them would assist the prosecution of Nazi leaders at Nuremberg—and change the way we think about war crimes.But his entire family remained there, as did much of my grandfather’s family.The third man, Raphael Lemkin, was born in a small town near Wolkowysk, in what is now Belarus.He went to Vienna, where he enrolled at the University of Vienna Law School before moving to London in 1924 with his new bride, and eventually became an academic in Britain.So his connection with the city in a direct sense was from 1911 to 1919.


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