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When writing about human resources—first you need to choose an AREA of focus—not your topic within that area but a chief area of focus to being exploring.

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This equitable principals are based upon the concept of sustainable development, it means using of earth’s resources in such a manner that it can meet the present needs as well as the future needs of the living creatures. In this regard another ambiguity may arise that whether these principals are “soft laws” or customary international laws.

A famous phrase is used in this respect, that is “common but differentiated responsibilities” this principals signifies valuable perspective in respect of controversies in relation to the environment and economic developments.

The development of sustainable development as a customary international law is also has been described by the Vice President of ICJ, in Gabeikovo-Nagvmaros Project, they claimed that sustainable development is not a concept, it is far ahead of that, as it has become the modern customary international law.

3 principal of Rio declaration mentioned about the concept of intergenerational equity, it was stated that development must be done in such a manner, as it equably meet the environmental and developmental needs of the present as well as the future generation.

Sustainable development provides not only man made wealth but it also provides wealth made by nature.

It also concern about the quality of life of the human beings, man-made wealth continues improvement of quality of life but it must be supported by the natural wealth.Many contemporary international instruments deals with the use of the resources available and to make them available for future generation.Peoples have recognized the value and importance of the resources available and what may happened in future if the resources will not be deals with the equality among the same generations as far as the utilization of resources are concern.It includes fair utilization of global resources among the human beings of the present generation.We used to hear from our parents and grandparents that at their time the world was different, the atmosphere at that time was much better, the taste of fruits and vegetables were better and there was no such hot weather like now days, and many other things.Even if we can remember our childhood, we will be able to differentiate that world from this one.Sustainable development was introduced for the first time by the United Nations with a view to accomplish three aspects of development, those are, environmental protection, economic development and social development, this is affirmed by the United Nation Development Program.United Nation concentrating on managing and protecting the natural resources for the development of social and economical aspects, this is much required to accomplish the goals of the concept of sustainable development.The concept of sustainable development has been introduced which refers the use of resources should be done in such a manner that those resources shall also be available to meet the future needs.United Nation General Assembly has defined sustainable development as the development which meets the needs of the present without compromising with the availability of resources to meet the needs of the future generation.


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