Gcse Textiles Coursework 2011

We are very well equipped in the department and enjoy the use of two specialist textile classrooms, over 40 sewing machines, two heat presses and two sublimation printers in addition to access to a wide range of art and design materials.AQA Art and Design: Textile Design Students create a sketchbook and portfolio of work in Year 10 and 11 which allows them to experiment with a wide range of techniques and develop their skills.

Pupils should be able to: Think creatively by generating and exploring ideas.

Explore and experiment with these ideas, materials, technologies, and techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to master techniques including using Computer Aided Design, sublimation, screen printing, transfer inks, hand painting and stencilling.

Constructed textiles such as felting, knitting, weaving, wrapping and free machine embroidery and creative applique are also taught.

Analyse existing textile products and understand how they are designed and their impact on quality of life, to inform their own design and making knowledge.

Make links between good designing and their own product, understanding how to produce a product of good quality.

Students will research embroidery artist such as Minster Finch and create their own inspired vintage style brooch.

Students will continue the remainder of the year learning techniques such as applique, fabric dying, confetti quilting, fashion illustration and much more.

Homework will be used as a tool for learning, allowing pupils to develop their research skills and knowledge. These projects include many different tasks which will introduce pupils to new techniques and materials such as blanket stitch, chain stitch, as well as appliques skills with embroidery.

Year 8 Textiles In year 8 pupils are taught through 2 carousel projects, 1. During the felt donut project pupils will be learning about textile artists Lucy Sparrow and link their works to hers, using the skills she incorporates into her own design works. Of textile artists and how skills and techniques they learn can be incorporated into their own designs pieces.


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