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The way I use it, is to show the spreadsheet to the whole class and show them what they need to do to get a better grade.So for someone on 176 points and all C's in the exams - they will need to improve their coursework.The pupils who are just a C grade or could get a C have their overall score coloured in amber (scores that lie in the range of 170 to 190 points) - these are going to be the target pupils - ones to be re-entered for a unit exam or to try and improve their unit five scores.

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This tracking sheet has been developed by the Twenty First Century Science Cluster in Blackpool, led by Damian Ainscough.

The spreadsheet enables you to record student marks for GCSE Science, GCSE Science Additional Science, and GCSE Additional Applied Science.

In their story here, Hélène Mulholland and Nicholas Watt write: The changes will lead to an overhaul of the module system as course work is replaced by exams.

Fewer students will achieve the higher grades as the government seeks to raise academic standards.

The cause of such improvements in achievement has always been debated, and research published earlier this year by Ofqual found that exams had become easier in the last ten years.

The number of GCSE entries has fluctuated since 1988, but shows little sign of a clear trend.I have used this system to great effect - as head of department I have managed to raise results from 39% before I was appointed to 55% A-C.Although this tool was a part of the success, many pupils liked to know where they were and how far from a C they were.The total across all subjects declined steadily from 2007 to 2011, but picked up in 2012, rising by 73,000.Follow the link below to explore and download full historical subject-by-subject grade attainment rates.2.8% of GCSE entries were awarded the A* grade when it was introduced in 1993, but 7.8% - or almost one in twelve - were given the top grade in 2011.Of all core subjects, the sciences have seen some of the largest improvements in grade attainment.Unit five is a special column - do not type a score in this column because it relies on a calculation from the data analysis and case studies total scores for data analysis and case studies.However, the one limitation of the spreadsheet is to grade individual pieces of data analysis or case study - the vagaries I have come across make it too difficult to precisely indicate a grade - better to show an overall grade than for individual pieces.The pass rate, or proportion of entries awarded a C or above, for Biology rose from 60.5% to 93.1% between 19.The pass rate for science double award - where pupils studied aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and received two GCSEs - almost doubled between 1993 (46.1%) and 2010 (87.2%) when it was discontinued.


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