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Formerly Head of English at Woodleigh School in North Yorkshire, he was in charge of a 4000 book prep school library for pupils aged 3-13.

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However, that's just the structure I like to follow and your points are quite clear without the topic sentence anyway.

good luck in your exams I won't be able to say how good it is in accordance to GCSE level as I'm not sure what the AOs being targeted for this question are.

A Jacobean audience would fear this supernatural behaviour, putting them on edge from the start of the play.

The witches omniscience is mysterious and links to to the supernatural.

Your essay is really good - whats your predicted grade?

I'm assuming its at least an 8 I can't really comment when I myself am quite iffy with English but normally I wouldn't have my first sentence to be a quote - I'd usually start with a topic sentence.The supernatural is also presented through Lady Macbeth talking to the evil spirits, where she demands ‘take my milk for gal’.Furthermore the noun ‘gal’ may represent how evil and harmful the supernatural was seen.The fact she believes they can take her feminine characteristics (‘milk’) shows how powerful the supernatural were seen in Jacobean society.Furthermore the noun ‘gall’ may represent how evil and harmful the supernatural was seen.Several publishers and authors dominate the lists – CGP revision guides are easy to follow, precise and accessible. Mr Bruff guides are very thorough and ideal to compliment a student’s existing notes from English lessons, the Connell guides are useful as an extension to push the more able, and the William Lloydson kindle/audiobooks are excellent for students who can’t wait for GCSEs to finish.Tom Tolkien is an experienced teacher and educational consultant who reviews books for children and teens.Therefore the supernatural is presented as vindictive and unwanted - but of course powerful.Overall, Shakespeare presents the supernatural as omnipotent throughout Macbeth.For example, the deception in ‘fair is foul’ foreshadows the whole plot in that Macbeth deceives Duncan in order to be king.Furthermore the noun ‘foul’ may foreshadow Macbeth’s descent into tyranny and the guilt suffered by both him and Lady Macbeth.


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