Gatsby Essay Topics

In as much as the narrative was popular, it never made it to the bestseller list as the author was not well known.

Fitzgerald’s book has been used numerously as a literature education material.

However, the entire narrative does not address their love story only but has several themes plus issues like wickedness, confidence, greed, plus social prejudice which were real emerging issues during the ’20s.

Those that have read the novel connect to it and feel like it has some influence in their lives.

As Tom and the rest follow behind and reach Wilson’s station, they find Myrtle knocked and murdered by a hit-and-run driver who later on happened to be Daisy who was driving Gatsby’s car.

Wilson decides to search for the person who hit his lover and is tipped by Tom that Gatsby possessed the car.

The Great Gatsby is a great literature resource book that can be compared not only to the life in the ’20s but also the current.

The narrative provides a wide range of themes that makes it an interesting book to pull essays from.

It talks about various people dwelling in a fictitious town known as the East Egg and West Egg.

Jay Gatsby, a rich mogul, was fascinated by Daisy Buchanan and eyed her.


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