Funnel Cake Business Plan

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I used a trans fat-free shortening from Smart Balance and it worked great.

Load your oil or shortening into a small saucepan with about a 6-inch diameter.

The sweet smell of fluffy, frying bread in combination with powdered sugar is enough to make even the strongest go weak in the knees.

Not wanting to disappoint anyone’s favorite childhood (or adult!

At Funnel Cake, we will work with you to develop a plan to ensure your digital strategy is solid, yet nimble to pivot through the next big digital change.

Is your art displayed on your Instagram so people can easily shop?

As you would expect from the name, the first thing you'll need to make proper funnel cakes is, of course, a funnel.

The funnel is used to swirl batter into hot oil where it will fry to a happy golden brown in about a minute on each side.

This way the batter won't spread out when you funnel it into the oil, and you'll get funnel cakes that are all about the same size.

When it's time to serve the dish, arrange two funnel cakes on a plate, dust them with powdered sugar, top 'em off with fruit and whipped cream, and enjoy fairground-style funnel cakes without any scary carnies watching you eat.


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