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Et conversus Deus, ut aspiceret opera quae fecerunt manus suae, vidit quod omnia essent bona nimis; and then the sabbath.In the discharge of thy place, set before thee the best examples; for imitation is a globe of precepts.

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Merit and good works, is the end of man’s motion; and conscience of the same is the accomplishment of man’s rest.

For if a man can be partaker of God’s theatre, he shall likewise be partaker of God’s rest.

It is an assured sign of a worthy and generous spirit, whom honor amends.

For honor is, or should be, the place of virtue and as in nature, things move violently to their place, and calmly in their place, so virtue in ambition is violent, in authority settled and calm.

The standing is slippery, and the regress is either a downfall, or at least an eclipse, which is a melancholy thing. Nay, retire men cannot when they would, neither will they, when it were reason; but are impatient of privateness, even in age and sickness, which require the shadow; like old townsmen, that will be still sitting at their street door, though thereby they offer age to scorn.

Certainly great persons had need to borrow other men’s opinions, to think themselves happy; for if they judge by their own feeling, they cannot find it; but if they think with themselves, what other men think of them, and that other men would fain be, as they are, then they are happy, as it were, by report; when perhaps they find the contrary within.

Illi mors gravis incubat, qui notus nimis omnibus, ignotus moritur sibi.

In place, there is license to do good, and evil; whereof the latter is a curse: for in evil the best condition is not to will; the second, not to can.

Men in great place are thrice servants: servants of the sovereign or state; servants of fame; and servants of business.

So as they have no freedom; neither in their persons, nor in their actions, nor in their times.


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