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Suppose that a bill passed the Senate with 32 more votes in favor than against, with three times as many Democrats voting in favor as non-Democrats voting in favor, and 34 more Democrats voting in favor than Republicans voting in favor. If every member voted either for the bill or against it, how many Democrats, how many Republicans, and how many members of other parties voted in favor of the bill? I tried using an example from the previous question, but it doesn't seem to work. Nothing is gained by trying to be clever and combine things at the start -- especially if you are having trouble getting all the relationships.

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Math 160 uses an online system administered by the textbook publishers called My Math Lab(MML).

You can purchase the Student Access Kit in the campus bookstore or online.

It is recommended that you buy a paper copy of the textbook.

It is a subject that you can expect to get harder as your child ages, which is why it is vital to understand every concept from the very first day to avoid getting lost and not building a solid foundation.

Finite math is all math before calculus and is typically for students who do not plan on ever taking calculus.


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