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Next will come more steps: final printing, binding, the floppy velvet hat and the two letters in front of my name.

Topic permitting, part of the thesis can even be completed on company time.

For those who are interested, Etteplan MORE has a wide range of interesting research topics on offer, both those concerning ongoing projects and those more general in nature. Depending on the student’s interests, they have covered anything from software and knowledge management processes to reporting and interesting new technologies.

My thesis felt finished when I submitted it for examination, but after space and time away from it, along with the lens of examiners’ comments, I was able to see it as still requiring work.

Now, after the amendments have been done, it has been signed off on as complete and worthy of the doctorate.

But Gatsby was the ultimate imposter who re-invented his identity.

He pursued an outward appearance that belied his own past and insecurities. Was my dissertation really enough to warrant a Ph D? Frodo Baggins can also provide a lens for reflection on finishing the thesis. In the Ph D, the doctoral researcher is central to the successful completion of the task. Ninna Meier recently explored the unfinishedness of writing, the layering of writerly thinking and identity, and the ways that reviewers and co-authors help to move a piece of writing forward.

I studied at Tampere University of Technology (currently part of Tampere University) with software production as my major and hypermedia as my minor. The project was commissioned by my employer, and I completed my thesis in 2014.

There was a practical problem in one of our projects, and this problem became the focus of my thesis.

I’ve taken on plenty of non-compulsory feedback and done some extra editing, so that (as Mullins and Kiley, 2002, put it) my thesis will ‘glow more brightly’ on the library shelf (or online repository).

The reason I’ve been revising more than necessary is that while the thesis is still in my hands and control, my perfectionism has been running rampant.


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