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The failure of his dream transforms him into a bitter person who realizes the limitations of his opportunities.His shift from a Negro League player to a garbage collector reveals terribly the downfall he has to go through and the forms of careers America reserves to people of his color.However, Troy ultimately does not commit to his marriage nor to the unpainted, unfinished porch, leaving each to the mercy of the elements.

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One can only hope for some measure of good, and Troy exceeds a realist's expectations” (Wessling).

These painful experiences do not prepare Troy to become a responsible man, which explains the various struggles he faces to raise a family himself.

Troy’s life has always been filled with much drama and painful experiences from his birth to his death.

Born in an African American family that faces the hardships related to the social realities of the period, he does not enjoy much joy.

According to the playwright's description, "the wooden porch is badly in need of paint." Why does it need paint? Do you understand after eighteen years I wanted to steal second.

Well, in practical terms, the porch is a recent addition to the house. The final details mentioned in the setting description reflect Troy's later years as a hard-working garbage man.Troy also represents human nature's reluctance to recognize and accept social change. He is also ashamed because he realizes that the only way he could afford the house is through his brother (a mentally unstable WWII veteran) and the disability checks he receives because of it.Also mentioned in the setting description, an incomplete fence borders part of the yard. These set pieces will provide the literal and metaphoric activity of the play: building a fence around Troy's property.The experiences Troy Maxson had to go through in his early life and his failure to realize his American Dream have a negative impact on his life and family.This frustration makes him unable to forgive and then gain maturity.Because he was "born at the wrong time," he never earned the recognition or the money which he felt he deserved and discussion of professional sports will often send him into a tirade. Baseball serves as Troy's main way of explaining his actions. This critic sums up his experience: “For Troy, however, the American dream has turned into a prolonged nightmare.Instead of limitless opportunity, he has come to know racial discrimination and poverty.When he talks about facing death, he uses baseball terminology, comparing a face-off with the grim reaper to a duel between a pitcher and a batter. When he bullies his son Cory, he warns him: TROY: I fooled them, Rose. When I found you and Cory and a halfway decent job .


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